By Chris Johnson

Learn to Surf and Surf to Explore with Montezuma Surf School and Surf Safari!

Montezuma Surf School and Surf Safari with Chris Johnson is one of the finest Surf Schools in Costa Rica. Learning to surf, with a qualified and motivated Surf Instructor, is an easy process. Surf instruction begins with the introduction to surf skills, for both the surf instructor, and the beginner surfer. Surf Classes then discuss the way that ocean swells and waves are formed, and what type of waves we will learn to surf on. Surf Lessons then progress to Learning the way we will surf. We teach Surfer Stance, Surfer position on the Surf Board, Paddling into waves, and ocean safety. Once we are surfing the waves, our surf students are prepared to excel.

During the 2 hours we spend in the water teaching the surf class, surfers will learn to ride waves all the way to the beach. Surf classes are all about the surf student. Our surf instruction focuses on the surfer, not the Surf Instructor. Surfing is fun and our learn to surf classes focus on the Surf Students. We work with a maximum of 2 learn to surf students for each surf instructor. As the beginner surfer learns each step towards being a good surfer, we are constantly giving more surf instruction toward increasing the surf students skill. We have water cameras to shoot Surf Photos of you that we provide for free to our Surf Class students. We also post surf suggestions to keep you improving your surf skills. Surfing with Montezuma Surf School and Surf Safari with Chris Johnson will always be an adventure well enjoyed by all.

Learning to Surf in Costa Rica is an excellent choice as the surf breaks are quite varied. Surf spots can be beach breaks, reef breaks, river mouth, or point breaks. We choose the best surf breaks in Montezuma and the Southern Nicoya Peninsula for you to learn to surf. Playa Grande and Playa Hermosa are the best beach breaks to offer to our learn to surf classes. They provide excellent surf waves as the surf student, and surf class, learn to surf better. Playa Carmen and Santa Teresa are excellent Surf Spots for the intermediate surfer, and as our learn to surf classes progress in the surfing skills. The Southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica has many hidden, semi secret Surf breaks that we regullary take our Surf School to. We can Surf with our Surf Students, in surf spots that only locals are present. And the crowds are not a factor. Surfing in this part of Costa Rica can allow us to surf with no people, and surf until we are pleased with our level of Surf Knowledge and Surf skills.

We surf with the locals everyday, so when we are instructing our surf class receives respect. Our Surf School in Montezuma, Costa Rica offers the best Surf School and Surf Safaris available to Surfers. Learn to Surf classes are small and we Surf with the Locals to improve our surfing skills. Surf Instruction in east and Surfing on your firsts day will happen. Surfing in Montezuma can be a challenge, but with Montezuma Surf School and Surf Safari with Chris Johnson, it will be easy and fun. Surfing in Costa Rica, waves can be huge and challenging, but we can take you to Surfing spots that are perfect for Learn to Surf classes.

Montezuma Surf School and learning to surf are a perfect fit. Costa Rica Qualified Surf Instructors are the best Way to Learn to Surf. At Montezuma Surf we excellent Surfboards to for you to learn to surf. Learn to Surf classes are on your schedule so you can plan your Costa Rica Adventure for the best time for you to learn to surf. Surf classes meet at Your Hotel, and travel to the best surf beaches near Montezuma, Costa Rica. We give an extensive Laer to Surf Surf Class on the beach. Then we take the Class into the Surf, for your First Waves. For two hours we teach surf students the sport of surfing. During the learn to surf leasson, your surf instructor will give advice that will allow you to be a good surfer on your first day of learning to surf in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Once you Learn to Surf in Montezuma we travel to area beaches and learn to surf all around Costa Rica.

Surf instructors in Montezuma Surf School with Chris Johnson are some of the best surfers in Costa Rica. Surfing with Montezuma Surf allows the surf student to progress to become an excellent Surfer.

We provide the best complete package for surfing lessons, surfing tours and surfing safaris. Come enjoy the best beaches in the Nicoya Peninsula. Certified instruction for any level, we seek the best waves to provide you with the best experience possible at your level of comfort. We can help with transportation and lodging arrangements. Contact us today at +506-2642-1256 or by email (click here). Join us for the best surfing adventure of your life!