Best day surfing EVER

“best Day Surfing….ever”

When we gather with surfers to teach and explore, our expectations are that we will hear, “that was my best day of surfing…ever”. Surfing around Montezuma and Santa Teresa, we are constantly rewarded with excellent choices of Surfing Beaches to choose from. We have may different surf breaks to select the perfect waves for our surfers to excel each day.

We pass along all of our vast knowledge of the surf break that we are surfing each day. This insures that our surfers will have a safe, and comfortable time in the waves. Once a surfer becomes comfortable with the conditions, it allows them to focus on the tasks and goals for the session. We always challenge our surfers to progress, while acknowledging their comfort zone limits.

Check out our website to see what we offer for Surf Lessons, and Surf Camps. Montezuma, Costa Rica is an excellent destination for learning to Surf. We want to hear you tell us, “that was my best day of surfing…ever”.


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