One Week Surf Camp Outline

As a result of our ongoing efforts to offer a structured learning environment for our Surf Campers..we have created the One Week Outline. This is constantly evolving to best meet the needs of our Surf Students.

One Week Surf Adventure Outline


20 to 30 minute Surfers meeting with the Instructors the evening prior to Day one.  Surfers learn about us and our qualifications. We learn about our Surfers, any Surf Skills they may have, and determine Surfboard selection best suited for them. We cover Surf History, Safety, Surf Etiquette, and how we communicate in the Surf. This also gives us a chance to let the Surfers know what to expect, and how to prepare for the days ahead.

Day One

Introduction to Surf Lesson

Learn the basics of surfing. Beach training to learn: Surfer stance, prone to stance techniques, pre Surf stretching, and the safest way to handle your Surfboard on land and in the water; then into the waves for paddling, standing, turning, and other fundamental Skills.

Day Two

Level Two Surf Lesson

Surfers learn the techniques for making it outside of the whitewater to catch green (unbroken) waves, sitting on the surfboard, visual position line-up (where am I in the ocean), and critical timing for catching, and riding waves.

Day Three

Open Water Surf Instruction

Surfers learn about wave science, ocean knowledge, wave predicting, and wave direction choice. We focus on, and challenge the students to surf without physical assistance from the instructor. This is the day most Surfers feel they are no longer a beginner.

Normally Surfers like an Off Day after 3 intensive days of Surf Instruction.

Day Four

Surf Maneuvers Instruction

Surfers learn the basic surf maneuvers that will allow them to advance their surfing skills. We instruct, and provide tasks for: carving the face of the wave, the cutback, hitting the lip, the floater, and the round-house cutback.

Day Five

Dancing with Waves

Our focus for this day is to connect the Surfers with the natural flow of the ocean and the waves. We teach how to feel the wave, and how to adjust yourself to the wave energy, while you surf. Our goal is to have the Surfers get into a comfortable rhythm while surfing.

Day Six

Sunset Surf Safari with Bonfire Dinner

We consult with each Surfer to create a Lesson plan, and they are individually coached on the techniques that are deemed most necessary to increasing their surfing skills. We surf until dark. Then we enjoy the sunset with Happy Hour beverages, and snacks. Dinner is generally grilled chicken and vegetables served on a banana leaf.


Student/ Instructor ratio is never more than 4 to 1 and most often 2 to 1.

Most Surf days are 4 to 5 hours long, with 2 to 3 hours in the waves.

We Surf the entire Nicoya Peninsula to find the best waves for our instruction:

Playa Hermosa; Playa Grande; Santa Teresa; Playa Carmen; Playa Los Cedros; Reyes Point.

Locations for each day’s Surf Spot will be confirmed the day prior.

We start the week on Longboards (8 to 10ft). As the Surfers’ abilities and desires warrant, we have shorter boards (8ft to 6ft) to progress with.

Orientation can be the evening prior or the morning of Day One.

Each day we bring lots of spring water, healthy snacks, sunscreen, first-aid, and rash guard surf shirts.

We have a waterproof camera, and post free photos daily. Professional Surf Photos and Surf Videos, are available for an additional cost.

Van Transportation to the Surf is provided.

Our schedule is flexible.


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