Become a Surfer in Less than Two Hours with a Private Lesson

Each day we choose a Beach to Surf that allows the Beginner Surfer the opportunity to catch waves without going into the ocean over their head. We start Surfing small waves in chest deep water. When you are comfortable we progress to slightly larger waves in slightly deeper water.

We utilize a proven learning system the enables Beginner Surfers to achieve success in the first few attempts at catching a wave. Our Learn to Surf Lessons are two hours, and include Quality Surfboards, Rashguard Surf Shirts, Beverages, and Surf Photos of you riding a wave.

Learn to Surf Instructional Outline:

  • Introduction to Instructor and Experience Level
  • Ocean Knowledge and Wave Generation Discussion
  • Surf Safety and Surf Etiquette
  • Equipment Selection and Description
  • Beach Training to Learn Surfer Stance, Prone to Stance Techniques, and Pre Surf Stretching
  • Handling your Surfboard on Land and in the Water
  • Into the Waves for Paddling, Standing, Turning, and other fundamental Skills
  • Catching  a Green, (unbroken) Wave, and Surfing to the beach
  • After Surf Analysis of your Surfing
  • Skills and advice for future Surfing

Price per Surfer $50

Please Feel Free to Contact us (click here) for Further Surf Lesson Information or to Arrange for your Surf Adventure.

10% of all proceeds Sponsor Local Surfers, Fund Local Surf Contests, and Organize Beach Cleanups.

At Montezuma Surf we strive to make your Surfing Adventure an experience that you will fully enjoy.