Best day surfing EVER
By Chris Johnson

“best Day Surfing….ever”

When we gather with surfers to teach and explore, our expectations are that we will hear, “that was my best day of surfing…ever”. Surfing around Montezuma and Santa Teresa, we are constantly rewarded with excellent choices of Surfing Beaches to choose from. We have may different surf breaks to select the perfect waves for our surfers to excel each day.

We pass along all of our vast knowledge of the surf break that we are surfing each day. This insures that our surfers will have a safe, and comfortable time in the waves. Once a surfer becomes comfortable with the conditions, it allows them to focus on the tasks and goals for the session. We always challenge our surfers to progress, while acknowledging their comfort zone limits.

Check out our website to see what we offer for Surf Lessons, and Surf Camps. Montezuma, Costa Rica is an excellent destination for learning to Surf. We want to hear you tell us, “that was my best day of surfing…ever”.

By Chris Johnson

Empty Waves Await You

Late Green Season means empty waves for you to enjoy while you surf in Costa Rica. South swells continue to move towards our beaches and point breaks giving us excellent conditions for surf school guests. Learning to surf in Costa Rica is an exceptional experience here on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. We travel to the best beaches of Montezuma, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, and Playa Hermosa, to find the best waves for you to learn to surf. Book a trip to Costa Rica and come surf with Montezuma Surf. You will be happy you did.

montezuma surf school
By Chris Johnson

WOW…nice Review Amber Thank you

montezuma surf school
Luckily, my friends and I met Chris while on our way to Montezuma. We could immediately sense he had great energy and were eager to sign up for his surfing lessons. It was undoubtedly one of my best days on the Nicoya Peninsula- Chris drove us to Playa Hermosa in Santa Teresa, rated one of the best beaches in Costa Rica. It was the perfect environment for a launch into surfing – the waves were gentle and there were few rocks. Wide range

Chris began with a concise introduction to surfing techniques, which were then practiced in the water. He definitely met the individual needs of all the students. Those who were more at ease in the water were given more advanced advice while others needed more basic assistance.

He made sure to allow us to be adventurous and independent student while ensuring our safety- he is enthusiastic, spirited, and one of the best teachers I’ve ever come across. Although sprightly, he gave us time to relax and enjoy the ambiance. Towards the end of the night, we watched an exquisite sunset and were invited to a bonfire by friends of Chris. He is not only a teacher, but a friend to his students and has great connections in the area. The entire experience was spectacular – I wish I could do it everyday!

By Chris Johnson

Look where you want to go

If you Look down you will generally go down

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Look forward along the wave face and there you will go

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Some times the simplest advice and coaching can make a huge difference. During each surf lesson we do a photos review to analyze each surfers techniques. We can then give the proper advise to overcome any hurdles in your advancement. Plus the photos are always a ton of laughs.

By Chris Johnson

Mother and daughter Surf Trip

Recent Guest Review….Chris Johnson with Montezuma Surf School is truly an awesome person and surf instructor. My 11yr. old daughter and I choose to spend our annual mother/daughter vacation surfing for an entire week in Montezuma. Chris was the 1st person I contacted regarding surfing the area and staying in the area. He was so so helpful in planning this adventure above and beyond the surfing aspect. We spent 7 days, 4-6 hours per day with Chris surfing various beaches in the area. He was amazing. His enthusiasm for the sport and his genuine concern that his students succeed is clear from the moment you meet him. Throughout the week he continued to coach my daughter and I on our advancing skills as well as introduce several families and couples to the great sport of surfing. He is so knowledgable about Costa Rica and specifically about the Montezuma area. We have decided to make surfing in Montezuma an annual event and I feel we have gained not only an awesome surf instructor but a great, life long friend.